I’m Home Again

I’ve been gone from this blog for quite sometime now, literally having posted nothing at all for months. I am, to say the least, very regretful of letting this absence happen. I’m a writer, first and foremost, thus I have a kind of responsibility to myself to keep producing these sentences, paragraphs, and articles. Needless to say, I have pretty much failed in fulfilling said responsibility in these past months. And I apologize to the subscribers of Peculiar Ideas for this mistake.

The reason I’ve been away is—an overwhelming amount of personal matters. Troubles kept popping up here and there, both from within my mind and the world I live in. Suffice it to say, my state of mind was not well enough to produce any work of value; it was a frustrating period and state to be in, though I kept on trying and trying, all my ideas had to be scrapped. None of them were good enough to be publishable. I won’t elaborate on the things that had happened, but I will speak a little bit on why I’ve come back here.

I’m in college again. I spent eight months or so cooped up at home, drunk more often than not, and constantly struggling with my depression. All those things, to some degree, have been done away with—save for the depression that sometimes still hinder my activities. Yet as the popular expression goes, “my dog days are behind me,” and I can continue on with my life. With writing.

Being back in the world of academia is more than a reinvigorating experience; it is a revival of the thoughts and sense of curiosity that has been missing from me for far too long. I began devouring books again—treating them with the same thirst for water, rather than the occasional snack. And writing, god the writing, the essays I had as assignment fully rejuvenated the sense of love I had lost for this little hobby. Hence, this post you’re reading now.

I can’t say if college will continue to be as therapeutic of an experience as it is now. We all have to graduate at some point or another, move on with our lives. Or perhaps a horrible incident would occur, and would be pulled out of academics once more. I sincerely wish such a thing would not ever happen again (if I believed in a god, I would have prayed for its protection).

But I guess that’s all I have to say for now. Peculiar Ideas is up and running again, with the usual irregular updates some subscribers are already used to. I cannot yet say what the post’s topic will be, though I assure you that I will do my best ensure that it is adequate.

I’m home again, and this time, I hope I will not have to leave it so suddenly. Now, with the apologies and explanations out of the way, I honestly can’t wait to start composing articles for all of you again. Thank you, for granting me the chance to know that my thoughts are being read and appreciated for so long. Well, it’s time for me to get back to work then. I’ll see all of you again soon, with something worth reading.


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